Deleting files from SD card using MPW Pro and My cloud app


Hello this is my first post here. I am considering the purchase of MPWPro to backup photos from DSLR during travels and a companion for my Ipad Pro. Is there a possibility to delete selected photos directly from SD card after I back up them in MPWPro withoud connecting hard drive to laptop. I imagine that I should be able to see the files on Sd card using MyCloud app and delete only some of them ? I do not want to delete all photos but only selected (for example - only jpgs, and leave all raws still on sd card). I tried to find the answer in the instruction or on the forum but with no success.


Yes. With the current firmware there is a move option. You can also use your phone/iPad to connect browse and delete selected files.


Hasn’t the “Move” option just been deleted in the latest firmware - My Passport Wireless Pro v1.04.17 ??
(Why was this feature deleted - makes much sense when a photographers SD card is full - just pop it in and after a while pull out a blank SD…)