Wireless Pro - Can I clear out SD cards via app?

I have experience (not always great -ha) with an older 2TB Passport (not Pro). I am debating buying a newer Pro model for an upcoming vacation. The old Non-Pro model let me insert an SD card and choose to have the card cleared (files deleted on SD) after import. From what I’ve read, that option is not available on Pro model. (is that indeed the case?)

If that feature is truly unavailable on the Pro models, can I clear the SD card out (delete files on SD) via the WD app manually after import?

That is a major factor that I have in buying another one of these. I simply want to save all the files and be ready to shoot the following day while on vacation. …and not spend an excessive amount of time trying to figure out how to do this while on vacation.

Thanks for your insights.

I don’t see an option to erase SD cards in either the iOS app or web interface. I have both the Pro version and SSD version.

I know it probably doesn’t help but formatting cards in the camera they are to be used in is considered a best practice.

Thanks…I will start doing that from now on.