Is there a temporary recycle bin on the hdd?

I have put some files on my ultra passport and when i have deleted them they still showed up on my tv just under a different folder name which is like SADSADASdsdssDADa … i’d really like to delete them permanently without erasing the passport. checked out the entire file system, did not find any temp folder or so.


have you tried to verify is this files are not in fact hidden on the drive?

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afaik that is not normal behavior for the drive. What did you use to delete the files? Do you have any kind of backup or synchronization software on the computer?

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I have found the way to delete them. It was indeed a hidden bin. My guess is that win 10 has this temporary backup, because I went to properties on the drive’s window and just under general tab there was the empty recycle bin option. So it is solved.