Eject option is not working

When I try to eject my WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External Hard Drive got this error message -
" an error occurred while ejecting CD Drive (G:) WD Unlocker"

How to solve this issue ? Any Idea ?



Hi, you can remove shutdown the computer and then remove the drive, also there might be some process running in the background.

In the Backup tab I Disable the Drive, Close-out, and wait awhile to let other apps blamed for the Disconnect failure (that’s my typical error Vs. your popup) “remove themselves” from the process. Then I Rt Clk the WD Icon in the Sys Tray (NOT MS Safely Remove) by the Clock and Clk the Safely Remove line. Usually it works. Sometimes I don’t disable the Backup feature before trying and it works, but after a few failures I go back to Disabling it.

Thanks CraigS26. It solved the issue.:slight_smile:[quote=“CraigS26, post:3, topic:178143”]

Thanks for the note. I usually am the one to get help so it’s nice to help others.
All the Best! Craig

HI - I’m coming here 3 years later with this problem.

You mention a WD SysTray icon. On my Windows 8.1 system I don’t see this icon. Is this a confiuration step that I have missed?


By the way, I have just unplugged the drive after 5 or 10 minutes of non-use, so far without any ill effects that I’ve noticed. But I’d love to do it properly.