Editing and saving documents remotely

Hi I just set my 4TB MYCloud up and I think I have set it up right giving me remote access.

When I click to open my file eg excel or Word doc a pop up comes up with open or save. if I click on open it only open as (Read-Only) file. If I click on save, it downloads it on to my download file than when I edit it and resave it, it saves it on the PC download file. How do I save it on my mycloud directly without having to download it than drag it back onto my MYCLOUD.

Thanks any insight would be great

What app or program are you using to remotely access the My Cloud? The WD Desktop program? The MyCloud.com user web portal?

Using the WD My Cloud Desktop program on Windows (http://setup.wd2go.com/index.php?mod=download&device=mc) I can remotely open, edit, and save Excel and Word files from a remote My Cloud.

Unofficially, and absolutely not supported by WD, if one has a first gen v4.x My Cloud they can install the unofficial CloudDAVMod which will allow one to remotely map the My Cloud so they could remotely open/edit/save to their v4.x My Cloud.


I don’t have a problem when using the cloud through a network. I have 2 computers connected to the network. I preparing myself for when I go away. when I 'm using my laptop in another location where I don’t have access through the network.
Its when I go to mycloud using the internet explorer is it because I’m not using a newer web browser that I can’t edit and save automatically. it says its on read write protection.

Lots of questions like this on the forum. Bottom line is, one cannot edit MS Office files via the mobile app, they can only be downloaded into the app’s Download section. There are other MS Office issues related to this.

If that laptop is running Microsoft Windows then use the WD My Cloud Desktop software I mentioned above for remote access. If you are having trouble accessing the MyCloud.com user web portal with your web browser then try using a different web browser like Firefox or Chrome. The MyCloud.com web portal does NOT allow you to open/edit/save the file direct to the My Cloud, instead you have to download the file, edit that file (and save it locally), then upload that file to the My Cloud.

Hmm not happy I knew it was too good to be true. thanks for giving it to me strsight up. I was going through the forums and couldn’t found a straight answer