Transfer Files Remotely

I use MyCloud as a fileserver in the office
How can I transfer files between MyCloud and a remote windows 10 laptop vis Wi Fi via cloud access
The app I was using is no longer supported and has stopped working
I want to be able to drag and drop folders with multiple files

Hi Robot1,

You can use remote access web application for My Cloud devices. My Cloud users can access My Cloud storage device through a web browser, allowing upload, delete, copy, move, rename, and share content on the go.


Is there anything for Windows 10 that allows you to remotely open an excel file and edit it directly without downloading it first, making a change and then uploading it?


My Cloud is a networking drive to use as a storage device over the network on a remote location. You need to install a Excel file viewer or software to open or edit it after downloading.
However, you can go with online Excel sheets to read or edit document files if not want to read or edit office data files without installing any software on same computer.