EasyStore 8TB makes thumping noise

I bought this new EasyStore 8TB external drive a few days ago. It works fine but makes a thumping noise. In fact if I put my hand on top of the drive I can feel a regular vibration like something is hitting inside the case. This occurs even when the drive is not being accessed. I have had four MyBook drives for quite a while and none of them do anything like this. I am worried that the drive will fail. Should I return it to Best Buy? Tried contacting WD Support but they cancelled my chat session after I waited for 30 minutes.


Please refer to the following KBA article: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/16309/

Normally, the computer storage drives are quiet and steady, but in case of any physical damages or logical corruption, they can begin to make noise. There are numbers of different hard drive sounds for different reasons. If there is any noise, then you can try the subsequent fixes which people have used to overcome the issue:

  1. Check whether the hard drive is getting enough power or not. You can do it by plugging the power adapter directly into the power supply.

  2. Replace the data cable with the new one and turn on the drive. Now, if it does not make any noise, then the data cable might be faulty.

  3. In case the drive still makes noises, then there is a high possibility the drive is failing and needs to be replaced.

Here, I suggest you to check out the below link where you’ll find all the measures to check the health of your hard disk.

Hope it helps!