DX4000 - LED / Fan & Drive Count issues

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Posted about one or two of these previously


My unit runs really nice and cool… but it’s fan is twice fast as it should be.

It’s a 4TB unit, but I succesfully added a 4GB SO-DIMM and a 3rd drive. The RAID rebuild was sweet.

But afterwards, I noticed that my drive count is ALWAYS 0 … and my LEDs no longer do anything.

I’ve added a forth disk tonight and I believe it’s now expanding to 6TB (usable) as expected. But i’ve still got my gripe about the LEDs and 0 drive count.

Any ideas on those? Once the RAID is fully initialised, I’m debating backing up and performing a full recovery to see what’s what - but I thoguht it would be easier to exhaust all other avenues first.


Hi there,

I recommend doing a recovery on the unit but not a full one since it will delete all the data and if your data is accessible then i don’t see the reason to do a full one.

Try also to make sure that the Updates are the most recent on the dashboard side and on the OS side.

In my case the RAID rebuild (from RAID1 to RAID5) after adding the new disks simply never started and I managed to perform it using Intel RAID RST which works nicely and gives you full control on what you would like to do. Among other things it also allows you to use units other than the standard WD ones. There are however other drawbacks like the LED not blinking anymore also at the end of the rebuild process and the fun always at full speed.

In principle the leds should not blink only during RAID rebuild, and everything should work again at completion of rebuild. If this does not work (and I do not understand why) unfortunately the only solution is to perform a full recover keeping the data. This will take at least two-three days considering also the windows update, plus all the DX4000 reconfiguration. Good luck

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You’ve got me a little curious there …

Are you suggesting that i’m not getting LEDs or always loud fans because i’m using the RST drivers/application or because i’m not using the correct disks?

I have a bit of a mish-mash i must admit.

My origninal two drives are :- WDC WD2000F9YZ-09N20L0

My 3rd (1st added) is :- WDC WD2009FYPX-09AAMB0

and my most recent one is :- WDC WD2000F9MZ-76NVPL0


If you have installed the Intel RST drivers than you loose both LED and the fan remains at top speed regardless of the HD you are using. Your 3rd and 4th HD seem compatible with DX4000 however one is for Pan-AM and the other for EMEA. Considering how picky is the DX4000 software I am quite surprised they can be used with the original DX4000 RAID driver.

If you installed RST driver the behavior is correct and the only way to get blinking LED and control on the fan is to perform a complete recovery keeping the data (the process will probably take some days). If you do not care about this please note the RST driver allows you to use any hard disk on the DX4000, i.e. you are not limited anymore by the unreasonable limitations of the WD original RAID driver (i.e. you can only use the expansion disks which now are almost impossible to find)

If you did not install the RST driver than the behavior is not nominal



I see…

And do I have an option to un-install the RST driver? (perhaps via a rollback?)

I tried with no success, uninstall does not recover the original driver. Intel provides hints on how to re-install the original driver but I think that without a monitor connected with the WD NAS it is almost impossible to install the original WD driver. The only way I found was to perform a recover without deleting the data. Of course it takes lot of time but the original files have been kept.

I have the full fan issue but i haven’t updated the intel drivers and the Led work just fine. The problem appeared after i replaced one of the hard disks. The system rebuilt automatically without any intervention but after that i noticed that the fan is always at full speed 2200 rpm. Any ideas other than restoring the OS?