DX4000 Initializationto Loading OS Loop


After a power outage, my DX4000 is in an initialization loop.

It goes through from Initialization to Loading OS but then goes back to Initialization. It is making a steady beeping sound.

Any ideas what could be wrong and how to fix it?

I’ve tried powering off/on, and pulling the PS and Ethernet cables for about 30 seconds before powering on again.

[UPDATE: LED’s 1, 2, and 4 flash red when it’s in the “LOADING OS” phase, and it’s at that time that it switches back to “SETUP INITIALIZING”]



First question is do you need the data?
Second is how many drives are in the box?

If you do not need the data you need to do a recovery. Recovery has an option to keep data, but my vote is “iffy”
or it depends on too many variables


Thanks for your response!

The data is not critical, but I’d like to preserve it if I can. I have backed up all of the critical data that’s on there. There are 4 drives.

Per the manual, I tried to do an OS recovery (after I posted this), thinking that might be the solution, and for the recovery iso that I have, setup.exe failed to create a USB boot image without giving any useful error message: “The bootable USB flash drive could not be created. After you fix the issue, try again”. This happens with every (four) USB of the right size that I have. That’s where I am at this point.

Any ideas about what kinds of things could be wrong here?

Any options beyond recovery? I see you said “too many variables” so I understand if you don’t want to get into a lengthy support session.