DX3200 Stuck "Loading UEFI HDD"

I just upgraded my DX3200 from Windows Server 2012 R2 to Windows Server 2016 so I can run docker containers on it and the led on the front is stuck saying “Initialising Ok, Loading UEFI HDD”.
I installed the iso onto a 16GB Cruzer Blade from SanDisk and installed it onto Volume 0 because that’s where I assume the OS is. Any help welcomed.


What unit do you actually have?
Does it have a video port on the back?

Hi there Gramps,

Yes, my unit has a VGA port on the back of it. I am currently using it to access the server.
The server boots into the os and I am able to do stuff with it.

So everything works, you are just bummed out over what the lcd says?

Yes everything works, its just the lcd on the front and the fan running at full blast.

see if this download link works for you, if not I can try to uplaod the file.
you just have to extract it and tinker with it
there is an lcd.zip that should do something for you
I am not sure which file adds the fan
you are missing the wd components that do all that
you can try putting all that in c:\wd and put the wdupdateservice.msi in there and maybe get lucky and it install the whole shebang

That has gotten the lcd working but it doesn’t display the drives even though the drive lights are on.
Every time I start it up I have to run all of those programs except the StorCentral to get it working. (It has to be all of them I’ve tried.)
I might just have to find some kind of fan controller online.

That unit was not as popular as the DX4000. So search for the DX4000
This may help

Ah so something funny has happened. My WD folder in C: has disappeared.
Do you have a .zip you can send me?