DVD Playback

I was wondering if there is any hope that a future firmware upgrade would include a DVD type player that would allow the use of the DVD menus when reading from a folder that contains the original DVD files?

I’ll put in my vote for support of DVD menus in a future update.

I agree. I really look forward to having this capability on my WD TV. I have friends and families who got the media players from other companies and they can do that and this makes me feel embarrassed because I used to brag with them about my WD TV.

This function will make this device world class

ur right it would be good but there is an ideas section and it isnt here… also this idea has already been posted there so just go vote on it and they probably will add it eventually

A big YES for this feature! I have so many concert videos in DVD and I always changing chapters everytime going back and forth to my favorite songs. But with out this, it takes time to forward and rewind. I hate to recode all my DVDs chapters by chapters.

Please WD, have this feature in the next firmware upgrade. And please release upgrades at least every 1-2 months. Thanks.