Drive Utilities - Diagnostic Failure

My MyBook USB3.0 3TB fails both the Quick Drive Test and the Complete Drive Test within a few seconds of starting each. Passes the SMART Status test.

Running First Aid on it from Mac Disk Utility shows no errors and I have not noticed anything wrong while the drive is in use.

Is it possible to access a log file or some sort of output from Drive Utility Diagnostics to find out why it is failing?


If possible test the unit on a different computer and using a different cables. Also, make sure that the unit is connected to the wall power outlet.

Thanks for reply, yes its connected to power and just bought a new cable to test it with - unfortunately still the same. Will test on another machine in the morning

Ken Macleod


I can now confirm I get the same failure on another computer. It still appears to work correctly but having downloaded the same driver and the latest Utility on the other computer I get the same failure of Diagnostic tests.



As a recommendation, contact WD Support for direct assistance on this case.

WD contact info: