Drive Test on 3 WD Drives ALL Failing?

I’m slightly concerned about my hard drives, all of which are different Wd drives (6TB duo, 3tb my book and 6tb my book). Every time I used the WD drive utilities, it will only pass the SMART test on all of them, and the others simply lag at 10% and soon will change and say “Complete Drive test failed.” and alternately “Complete drive test canceled”. This happens on all three of my drives.

I’m not sure if this is just simply a problem with the software, or if it is something going on indicating potential hard drive failure. They have all been working fine for the past month, but this issue has happened each time I try to test it. Has anyone else experienced this as of recently? Is it something to worry about and look into? I’ve heard you can test the stability of drives with the mac’s own software, I have a 27 inch iMac running on yosemite if that helps.

Cheers and thanks!


Try testing the drives on a different computer. If stills the same, I’ll recommend you to create a case with support.