Complete drive test fails!

My Time Machine Back Ups fail since I reinstalled the OSX El Capitan OS after installing a new SSD drive in my '09 IMac
desktop. I erased the My Passport for Mac and reformatted it, then ran a couple of successful backups, but now it’s telling me that the backups are failing. I have auto unlock set up, so that can’t be the problem. If I unplug the Passport, then plug it back in, it’ll work, then fail again. I’ve run the Run Drive Status Check and the Run Quick Drive Test, and both pass, but it continues to fail the Complete Drive Test. I’ve run Disk Utility and it shows no problems. What does one do when the Complete Drive Test fails?

I have the same problem. Surprising there isn’t a solution if Complete Drive Test fails.

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Hi there, try to test the unit with Disk Utility as well.

Thanks, but as I stated in my original post, I have run OSX Disk Utility and it shows no problems. It’s only the WD Complete Drive Test that fails. My backup attempts continue to fail.

I’ve also run the Disk Utility as well. There were no problems detected.