Drive not mounting, complete drive test failed

I need helping getting my drive to work. lt isn’t showing up. I’m trying to avoid formatting it. I have a My Passport for Mac. It is a legacy one. I am running OS X El Captain 10.11.6. I have tried a different cable, changing my finder preferences, mounting it in disk utility (was unable to) finding it in terminal, ejecting it in terminal, running first aid (did not show anything wrong), running SMART drive test (passed) but it failed the quick drive test and the complete drive test. I am at a loss for what to do. I can provide more info if needed.

Hi mschiereck,

As My Passport failed in Quick test and Complete Drive Test, you should contact WD Support to replace your drive under warranty.

Select the Untitled and press Mount button.

Could you find a solution to this?
I am facing exactly the same issue.

You can try connecting your drive to a different port or via a different cable. Or connect to another Mac with a different OS X. In general, the drive becomes unmounted if the filesystem is damaged. Sometimes, a loose connection may turn the drive into an unmountable state. You can erase the drive if there is no important data or your files are already backed up. Otherwise perform data recovery and then erase your drive. Erasing the drive solves the problem most of the time.