Is my drive toast?

I have an 8Tb My Book Duo. I just moved and ever since I arrived at my new place, the drive has not been recognized by my mac. Oddly, when I open WD Drive Utilities, it recognizes that a drive exists and is connected. Drive Status Check shows “SMART status failed.” Run Quick Drive Test shows “Quick Drive Test failed.” And Run Complete Drive Test won’t even start. Meanwhile, mac’s Disk Utility doesn’t recognize the drive at all - nothing shows up. And of course nothing in Finder.

Where do I go from here? The drive is exactly 2 years old. What else can I try? I’ve tried reboots, new cords, new ports - nothing works.

Thank you in advance.


It is recommended to avoid USB hub and directly connect to a different PC to isolate the issue. If the test result comes same, the drive has been failed.

Everything mentioned above is what I’m facing this morning except I have 2 8TB drives equaling 16TB of stuff. Plugging and unplugging does nothing and even if I wanted to, I can’t erase them or anything because they don’t show in Disk Utilities or finder. It’s completely frustrating. “RAID Management” or configuration is not possible in the WD Drive Utilities. It’s just dead. I can’t even recycle it because I can’t even get 16TB of info off of it. When I open the physical compartment, the drives are almost too hot to touch! Other externals have no problems. Also, I don’t have a “different PC” to hook it up to.

Same as above: Where do I go from here?