Drive status went from bad to good after system only reset - spent money on new drive

Something that’s very disconcerting is that before a system only reset on an EX2 Ultra: the unit reported one drive as failing and the red LED indicator on the outside was on. So I bought a drive to replace it. Since the system reset, there’s no mention of a problem with the drive on the dashboard and the red LED is off. This is upsetting because if a drive is faulty it should be faulty; not because of some system reset. So was money spent on a new drive for nothing? Now I don’t know if the drive is actually faulty or not. As of this post it’s been running for a while and I’ve done a drive check for errors. The originally faulty drive is fine and the LED on the front of the unit has remained blue.

I just made a post about this… ran all the tests and scandisks and all said the drive was fine, but HDD1 error “BAD”… and it didn’t show as an alert or send me an email. Ran tests and scans, reboot and now all good again.