Drive Nolonger accessible

I’ve had a 3TB My Book Live for about a year and it’s worked wellup until this week.  I no longer have any LED activity on the from of the drive and my computer no longer can connect to it.  I hear the drive spinning but no luck.  I’ve connec ted the drive directly to the computer, tried a new cables, etc.  Is my drive dead?

Seeems like you’re right. What colour is the LED?

Hello there,

I believe im facing a very similar problem. I have a 3TB My book Live as well since last April and i was extremelly happy with it up to now.It was running flawlesly but just like this out of nowhere it stopped working properly. The front LED just keeps on changing colours randomly,red,green,yellow, white… just random. I can hear the drive spinning as it used to alway so far, but it is no longer discoverable neither in finder on my mac or explorer in windows. Not even if i connect it dirrectly with the cat-5e on my laptop…

Any thoughts anybody?

Would be really appreciated.

When the LED does work it goes from a purple/blue to red but it never stay on long.