My Live Book (3T) inaccessible

I cannot access My Book Live externa hard drive in any way suddently. The status of LED light at both the front and back panels is:-

BACK PANEL - The Link-Up LED is green and steady, and Activity LED is green and blinking.
FRONT PANEL - The LED is steady and yellow ( for many days now). I cannot access My Book Live via the router or directly. When connected directly via ethernet port of the laptop, the LEDs are of the same state and only the Link-Up LED changes to steady yellow. The router is working and shows green LED at the back. My Book Live has been working fine for a very long time now and only started misbehaving lately. When I touch the external drive it feels like something is spinning inside.

If the unit’s front LED is yellow then it could be a boot-cycle loop or power issue. On either case it’s best to contact WD Support in order to replace the unit’s power adapter. If that does not work then the actual unit will need to be replaced.