My Book Live--Blinking Yellow Light

A few days ago there was  a loss of internet connection form my cable /internet provider…now My Book Live is not showing in my finder  on my mac Book pro…I have no idea how to recover it…can anyone help please? The light on my hard drive is blinking yellow


Check all the connections on the drive and on your router. Also try resetting the drive and/or power cycling it.

Hi…thank you for the reply. I have checked the connections, reset and powered off and on…still getting the yellow blinking light. WOuld you know what else it could be?

Please check the manual and match it to the closest color you can. Search for LED color/status.

Thank you…this is what it says but all this has been checked.

DIsk thermal warning threshold exceeded (under or over temp) - it’s not too hot or cold

Network cable not inserted – cablre is connectd prperly

“Network cable not inserted – cablre is connectd prperly”

Both ends? If it is, try a different port on router. Or even a different cable. Also check the back LED to see if you are connected, again, refer to the manual.

Other than that, no ideas. if you are sure it is not a thermal problem, then it is a cable/connection issue. 

Tried a different cable…seemed to resolve the problem…thank you