Drag Drop from Weston Digital to IPA din iPhoto's


I have made a small video which i post link once edited which help show people what is I am wishing to do.

For now I explain in words.
I have USB drive plugged into the Weston ICloud it shows up all good.

I like to drag and drop video’s or images over to the actual iPad folder such as iPhoto where i edit at my leassure.

So at the moment I not able to do this I can only get share link, I have downloaded from other drive which is a Weston 2 TB into the Weston digital iCloud Drive to public folder, out of the 4 or 5 video’s I could save one to iPhoto the rest no.

Images appear to work but not PSD again I like to drag say onto a plugged in SD card which be say on a USB hub and put into a SD card read for the ipad as all RAF / RAW and PSD I can read on the ipad apps.

Re cap i just wish to drag and drop files movies and images to the iPhoto folder on a ipad nothing major anyone achieved this ?


iThings aren’t good at natively doing file manipulation. Apparently, you don’t need to worry about where files are stored; the ghost of Steve Jobs does that for you.

Try a proper file manager. File Browser, for instance.


Thanks for the help, so WD you can move to and about your saying it’s just the IOS side causing the issue?
I downloaded paid the £5,99 and its good, down side to move files of 2 GIG to iPad estimated 17 mins.

Have you by any chance moved a large file from WD to an attach USB or SD card, if so how long did it take please?the app you suggested supports icon images so you can see before transferring the file, which is great.

Thank you