Help! New at this and I can't upload my folders of photos!

I just set this thing up and really want it as backup for my photos and videos. I have folders from my iphoto that I am trying to drag into folders in this wdcloud. If I drag one picture it works but won’t drag my entire folder. For example, there are 3200 pictures from 2011 that I want to put into a 2011 folder on this device. What am I missing??? Thanks for any help! I’m hoping this is just a stupid question and that I’m missing something…

Hi there,

I have not tried this, i believe in order to copy the i photo library, it would have to be a HFS+ drive, but lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

Backing up from what device, running what operating system and what program?

The best way of moving files around using the MyCloud is to map it into your computer’s file system and use a file manager program.

IThings may not be so simple; the concept of the user needing to know where files are, or need to use a file manager seems to be a philosophy totally alien to iOS…

First of all, did you download the complete user manual for your particular My Cloud from WD Support? It just might tell you what and how to do it.

These must be jpg files, and therefore not hard to transfer. If your computer and My Cloud are connected to your network, it seems you should be able to highlight the 2011 folder on your computer, select COPY command, then switch to the My Cloud’s area you want the folder placed and paste the copied folder into My Cloud. At least that is how easy it is for Windows users to do.

I can tell you my experience and solution. Perhaps not efficient, but it works.

When I tried to copy as you suggest, the software (Apple I believe) only copies a thumbnail.

So, on the drive that the photos are on, I set up a temporary folder. Then I exported to that folder all the files (unchanged originals I think is the option) so that I get the entire size of the original image.

Then you can highlight and drag all images at once into a folder that you have created on WD Cloud.

I would do this only when the drive is on same network, not across the Internet. Speed is 10X better when local.

Hope this helps