Downloading files from My Cloud to a Macbook Air

I transferred ~28gb to my My Cloud to do an update to my hard drive. Now that it is complete, I want to download those files back to my computer hard drive. However, when I go to copy the folder back, it tries to create a zip file and then never actually starts. I added sync to see if I could transfer the folder into the Sync folder on the My Cloud, but it only uploads and doesn’t downloads. How do I bring these files back to my hard drive? This shouldn’t be too complicated, but it is not working well. Thanks!

Seems to me you should be able to drag and drop them through the network.

Mike, appreciate the thought, but I would not have posted had that been true. As I said, it tries to create a zip file and then never actually begins the download. Any other thoughts?

Actually, I did not say you should try drag and drop, I said you should be able to; there is a difference.

Another thought: WHAT is creating a zip file? Is it your Mac or the My Cloud?. If it’s the Mac (and I suspect it is) you need to find out why the mac is doing this, since this is a WD forum, and not a Mac forum. Have you posed your question at the Apple forum?
It just may be because of the sheer volume of data the Mac is sending, and by being in a zip file the original time and date stamps on the mac stay intact.

I’ve tried dragging and dropping single files as well and that won’t work either. Are there alternate solutions to the drag and drop?

I do not use a Mac, so I am a “limited resource” for you. You may just need to let the zip file be created and drag and drop the zip file over. Not what you want to do perhaps, but if it works, it works,