Drag and Drop in .zip why?

So I went into MyCloud icon on the desktop in order to transfer a few tv shows to my usb. When they transfered they came out as .zip files. why is that? they arent saved as .zip files. they arent stored as .zip files. Anyone come across this?

No. Did you use Windows File Explorer/Mac Finder to transfer the files (I assume from your My Cloud to your USB device)? Or did you use the WD My Cloud Desktop application? Were you trying to copy the file from a local or remote My Cloud?

Are you using any sort of Zip program like WinZip or the like? If so check the settings, its possible that program somehow is responsible for zipping the file when you tried to copy it.

It’s a Mac computer but I just dragged and dropped from the mycloud desktop app to my USB.

The only think I can think of is I use BitTorrent to download torrents. I have the BitTorrent torrents set to download to “my downloads” on the Mac and move to mycloud “my movies” folder. I wonder if it is uploading them in .zip format without my knowledge.

Check the settings for your BitTorrent client to see if somehow it is affecting the files your attempting to copy.

Also try using the Mac Finder instead to copy/move files rather than the My Cloud Desktop app if you are on your local network.

Ok thanks