Do I need to install WD software on my Mac if using a Time Machine?

I’m wary of installing software if it isn’t needed.

If you read, each software use for different thing. WD discovery is mainly for NAS devices. It could be use with WD external hard drives to lock/unlock, turn on/off LED, update drive firmware… WD Utilities for formatting the drive, set sleeping time… WD security use to lock/unlock drives. So if you don’t need to use those option. You don’t need to install WD software.

Thank you for your quick reply.

If I don’t download the software, how can I get the firmware updates?


Yes you can get the firmware update on the drive. You just have to download the updater file which is small and the update file. I haven’t seen any update for a long time now. The WD Discovery is one cool thing is, it can detect new firmware and ask if you want it to update for you. Without the WD Discovery, you would have to do it manually. Your choice.

Thank you!