What WD software should I load on my external drive?

I finally figured out how to have my PC recognize My Passport, initialized and reformatted for usage.
Now I need to know which of the WD software should be on the drive, if any. It is only for my backup usage so I am not concerned about password security.
There is no description of what the other ‘Supported’ software is specifically for so I cannot ascertain whether or not they are needed.
Thank you.

dunno … maybe WD Backup ?

personally, i just format new hard drives, don’t use password security or any software … less can go wrong.

i just manually backup things … and keep it simple. ie. deploy K.I.S.S technology

You don’t need any software for the drive (except possibly the drivers, which if you have it running I presume you already have installed) and certainly nothing on it.

All the software that comes on the drive are utilities that you can use with the drive, and are just there to save you having to download them from the WD website. If you’re using it as a backup target, then installing either WD backup or Smartware would be the way to go as described above. But those are installed on your PC, not on the drive itself.