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hi everyone, I have just bought a WD Passport ultra. I had to reformat it for Mac and also had to Partition it in 2 partitions.

Being new to this it was a bit stressful, but I managed it ok, and immediately started to clone my Mac using Super Duper, which it is doing now. Then I read a bit more and realised I don’t have the software and then thought how am I going to update the WD…I have not upgraded to El Capitan yet I was waiting till I had a clone of  internal HD with Yosemite . I really don’t know what to do next, I will have to wait till Super Duper is finished cloning and need help as to what to do next . Or do I have to start again…any info will be much appreciated please remember I am new to this so simple instructions will be necessary.

You can download all the software from the link below:

It’s the same stuff that ships on the drive - it only comes like that to save you a download (and for those using the drive in non net connected machines).

I guess you want the WD Universal Firmware Updater, which is the bottom entry in the WD Software tab (don’t forget to select Mac at the top - it shows the Windows list by default). Although if I were you I’d just leave it as it is first and see if any action at all is needed on the drive itself.

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The backup utility bundled with the WD Passport Ultra (WD SmartWare) is currently Windows-only. However, you may install WD Drive Utilities and/or WD Security for additional hard drive management features beyond automatic backups.

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Thank you Darren that was a really helpful answer. I will do as you said and leave it to see how it goes. I am a bit worried about what happens after El Capitan upgrade. For the time being all that will be on the WD is a bootable clone copy. Fingers crossed it will be ok. :slight_smile: