My Passport external HD - no software update notification

My OS is Windows 10. I bought My Passport external HD in 2017. So far, there is no notification for software update for WD Backup and WD Security. As for WD Drive Utilities, the request for software update was aborted: could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. Where and how can I download such updates?

The Downloads link at the top of this and every forum page here is what you’re after.

Select your specific product, hit submit and it will give you various useful links, including FAQs, software downloads, getting started guides, specs and the most recent product related threads here.

After downloading the available software new version, do I have to delete the existing software?

It shouldn’t be necessary. If you just do an install I would expect it to update and pick up your existing settings (and if uninstall is needed it should handle that as part of the update).

Thank you very much.