DLNA folder structure

After I enabled DLNA access to my Media folder I was disappoited with the mess which I saw trying to access media files located under my Media folder. Lot of selection options which I would never use + mixed content and all this in multiple folder layers.

So, I did the following:

  1. Accessed Twonky admin console with the URL: httpL//yourIpAddress:9000 (in my case

  2. In SETUP section selected “By Folder” option

  3. In CONTENT section I unselected my common Media folder which had “All content type” content, and created 3 separate contents: /Media/Music, /Media/Video, /Media/Photos selecting correspondently the type: Music, Video, Photos.

Now, on my TV I have the following structure:


  1. All Videos

  2. By Folder

    2.1 Level Up

    2.2 Video

       … My video folders.

This is much better - less folder levels, less unnecessary selection options, no mixed content - e.g. only video files under video folder.

But still there are redundant levels, I would like to remove By Folder and Video layer. They are not needed at all. But as I understand I can’t change it without editing twonky configuration files, which I can’t configure without recompiling the RAM storage - e.g. the Twonky files are not editable.

Please, if you know any other way how to improve folder structure of the WD EX2 DLNA , let me know. I mean relatevely simple way.

Thanks for sharing. 

Hope this can help other users to organize their files.