DLNA, folder structure and file deletion impossible


I have a little problem. When I put download a video into the NAS, the DLNA server (Twonky) will index it and its folder structure. When I want to read it on my WD TV, I see it with the right folder structure.

However, if I change the folder structure in the explorer (eg I create a new folder for example), I won’t see the changes on my WD TV. Is it normal? The folder dissapears only when I delete the file.

I have an other problem: I’m unable to delete folder from Windows’ file explorer: I need to delete them as SSH, which is not the expected behavior. Same thing goes for the WD Android’s app.

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Are you creating the folders under the same share?

I have Media Serving turned off for my Horace share. It is on for the Public share and my SmartWare share.

The next time you create a new folder open up the Dashboard and under Settings>Media rescan your DLNA database and see if the folder shows on your WD TV.

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cat0w (USA)

I am on my desktop PC with Windows 7 SP1 and I created and deleted a folder by opening up my Horace share under Network, without any problems.

To see how I create or delete a folder using the desktop app see image below.

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cat0w (USA)

After you move the folders about, do you do ‘Re-scan Content Folders’ from ? [edit: you’ll need to change the IP address to that of your MyCloud]

The nearest thing I do is to add artwork, and in order for that to be visible in UPnP browsers, I need to do a re-scan.

I have my re-scan interval set to 1440 minutes, or once a day, so it ought to catch up on its own. If your re-scan interval is set to -1, it ought to respond to changes immediately, but it will mean that the drive never sleeps…

If a re-scan doesn’t sort the problem, then something else is wrong…

Oh, this is a response to your first problem. The second problem doesn’t sound right at all; the MyCloud should just behave as a NAS, i.e. like any other storage device.

Thanks for the answers folks.

I only kept the “Public” folder, everything is in it. Of course, Media Serving is turned on.

If I try to use your software, I can’t delete a folder, it returns an error (failed to delete directory or something like that - I use a localized version)

@ cpt_paranoia: i’ve set -1 in Twonky and I regularly see the drive sleeping, its LED blinking. So I should see the changes immediatly, that’s what I can’t understand.

For me, getting Twonky to just about work has been a long struggle, and, even now, it still does odd things.  I like to have computers do what I tell them, but I’ve had to admit defeat with this system, and accept that it has to do its own thing, irrational though it might be, since there seems to be no reliable way of making it do what _ I want _.  In this respect, it’s certainly not _ My _Cloud…

Oh, and it’s not ‘our’ software; I don’t think there’s a single WD employee on this forum.  We’re just fellow punters trying to ease each other’s pain…  Setting up a ‘user forum’ is a great way of doing customer support on the cheap…

I assume you done the default ‘system only restore’?


I know for sure you did not write the software, but since you use it, I allowed myself to say it was “yours” :wink:

Anyway, I think I’ve figured out why I could not delete files: those files are created by a script run automatically to download files from an other server.

Root owns them. If I create a folder or a file using the app or my laptop, then I can delete it.

www-data or nobody seems to own them according to WinSCP. The solution might be to chmod the files downloaded by the script.

Ok, so running

chown -R nobody:share /DataVolume/shares/Public

solved the deletion issue. I’ve set it as a daily cron so it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

I’ll see the Twonky part later…