Acessing Media, why so many folders/levels?

I have my media on the MyCloud, and its in a simple folder structure. When I conect to the device using my TV I have to navigate through 4 levels before I get to my folders:

Video (From Video/Music/Picture)

          '----> By Folder (from  what appears to be a list of sort options)

                   '---->Shared Video (Standard Public Folder)

                            '----> My Media Folders

Its only at that point I can start navigating to the file I want!

When I connect to the My Cloud I’d like to just see my folder structure.

If I create a new share it appears along side “Shared Video” so nothing is gained. I could create a share for each of my media folders, but you can’t have spaces or brackets, which I use a lot in the names.

Can I get rid of the sort options level and/or the need to select video twice?

http://wdmycloud:9000/#setup → Navigation Tree

Thanks, but I have already tried that. It just reduces the number of folder to choose from in that level. If I select “By Folder” as default it sell asks you to choose “By Folder” or “All” at that level.

To be clear is the number of levels to drop and selections that I have to make before I can get to my media. I select My Cloud on the network then have to navigate, select, navigate, select, navigate, select etc.

When I had an external WD drive I just selected the drive and the media folders were all there. Thats what I’m hoping to replicate.

Its even worse on my DVD player as it has a number of selections I need to make before I can get to the network drive. I would say its getting to 30 clicks before I can access a file!

I guess you’re new to DLNA. Most of the DLNA media server works as such. The external WD drive you had is not DLNA but USB. Only USB and CIFS/SMB/NFS(if your device player supports) would display the intermediate media root paths.

Yes I am new to DLNA. 

It seems to be a step backwards that you have to drill down so many levels when all ways want to go to the same start point. None of the steps add any value and it seems poorly thought out. Having to choose “video”, then later “shared video” seems particularly odd. None of these steps are actually needed for any real purpose, so an option to just to jump to my folders would be simple. 

Our other DNLA devices are no better though! Our new samsung BluRay requires us to click through “recently viewed” thumbnails before we can select the MyCloud, then we have to drill through the MyCloud DNLA folder structure, then through my media folders, just to play a single video.

Looks like I’m stuck with it then :frowning:

DLNA standards has been a decade since 2005 till this new year. The idea was to categorize three sets of medias separately; music, photos and videos. Thus you’ll see those categories first.

Note I’m using Twonky’s default settings and I’ve no issues nagivating through those folders. My 5-8 year old kids could find their way to their cartoon folders pretty quickly too using the smart remote; TV-on → TV-Anynet+(optional sound system) → TV-source → WDMyCloud → Videos → Album → Cartoons.

I didn’t imply is was difficult. What I’m saying is its a long winded way of getting to a simple file structure. Its effectively overlaying a different navigation path over mine. I design busines software processes for a living, and if I presented this to a client they would sack me! 

I’ve tried Albums and it just looks like a flattened version of my file structure. When you have a lot of media thats not a lot of help. It needs to be in a hierarchy to make navigation to the required file quick.

If thats the DLNA standard then there is nothing I can do about it.