DL4100 Occasionally freezes requiring reboot

On several occasions now I have needed to power cycle our DL4100 in order to be able to access it. It is like it has totally locked-up or crashed.

All the lights are on as they should be but you cannot cycle through the front display panel using the buttons. Usually the front power button still works to power the system down, however this morning it required pulling the power supply.

I just had a quick look through the logs and there are several “HWlib unable to read HDx temperature” which I think coincide with the lock-ups.

I would get in touch with WD support and make WD aware of this issue. When you get a response from WD Support it would be useful to post the solution to this thread.

Something you could try. After the the DL4100 is off, slide each drive out and back in on the same drive slots and see if that helps. Just makes sure the SATA and power connections are seated properly.

Also, maybe download the DL4100 logs to your computer have have a look at the drive S.M.A.R.T. diagnostic data for each drive to see if any of the drives may be showing any issues.

This has been logged with WD support, together with an extended log.zip. and the support website states it is still under warranty. The unit has recently (after a previous freeze) been given a complete strip, clean and blow-out with compressed air which included popping the drives.

The only information the logs suggest is this occasional failure to read a random drive temperature. All the S.M.A.R.T. info appears to be as it should.

There is a large, old and ongoing thread on this problem in the EX section, but I thought I would post here to see if any DL users had come across similar issues.

Here is the link to the EX thread

Just speculation here. I’ve got one of the very first DL4100’s. I wonder if the one you’ve got has revisions to the main PCB and maybe the revision could have introduced a problem? I wonder if it is worth seeing what revision of mainboard you have on your DL4100? I’m guessing WD Support will be able to tell from your DL4100’s serial number. I’ll have a read of that EX2 thread later. Thanks.

We purchased ours in February 2016. Just had a message from an EX user, they were thinking it was just an ARM CPU issue.

Ours had been working flawlessly up until a month or so ago. Still awaiting a response from WD.