DL4100 does not start anymore or stuck

Hello guys,

Im writing because my DL 4100 does not start anymore. After i shutted down from the Webinterface.

I started with pressing the power Button on and what happend now nothing.

Seems it stuch in a Boot. My Display does not show any Message more like Welcome to Mycloud.

After a couple of mins it shuts down and start again. The Fan is starting blowing at 100% at this process.

And i cant acces a Safe mode to restore a Firmware or is there a method to do that ?

I bought it from WD directly. My Product came by 25.01.16.

Best Regards

There is a reset button on the back, find it, and press the tip of a paper clip in for 5 or 6 seconds then release it. That will reset it. If that doesn’t fix it, write back in this thread.

So i pressed the Button and waited. Problem seems not to be resolved. It still starts an shutts down after a few minitues. Maybe 2 min or something. I cant belive that this thing its just 5 days old since i bought.

Call WD Support’, don’t write and get someone on phone that can help you.

Dont need to Call it for the moment. Just resolved the problem.

I just screwed up the Cover where you can upgrade youre Ram and just putted out the Battery. After 2 2 hours without Energy and battery i just put everything back and started.

Now its worked for me.