WD DL4100 start problem, no working (video)

I need a help with my MY CLOUD DL4100. I noticed something like that yesterday morning (15.03.2020)

When I turn it on, nothing happens. After 2-3 minutes MY CLOUD turns off. After a few seconds it turns on again.
And again nothing happens.
I checked drives and everything is fine.
What can I do? What is going on?

At 3am everything was fine. When I got up at 7am it was not working anymore.

Please, can anyone help me?



Did you find a solution? I have same issue.

I’ve the same problem

I have this exact same issue. Looks like there should be a better answer other than y’all are screwed.

I used 4 drives to create an ISCSI volume that’s accessed by a server over the network connection. I suppose I’ll have to buy another of these units in order to mount the ISCSI volume on my server and recover my data.

This is the second one of these that I’ve had fail like this. The first one failed barely still under warranty and WD sent a replacement and I was able to recover the ISCSI volume. My concern now is that since the DL4100 is discontinued, will one of the newer models work.

Is this really the best WD can do?

Almost the same here. The box stopped working. The drives seem to be ok, but the rest of the hardware does not boot any more.

Same problem here but with a DL2100.

I have same problem :rage: . Did you manage to fix the problem?

I had the same situation but with my DL2100. Anyone from WD can help?

Just to add my two pennies worth. I assume the PSU is healthy enough to provide clean DC power to the NAS? Who powers shuts-down their NAS at the end of each day?

Exactly the same problem (DL2100). Started few days ago… I have tried reset the unit, no go… Reset doesn’t seem to do anything (4seconds or 40 seconds reset).

Did you find a solutions?

Exaclty same problem!

Dear. WD Customer Service, please help resolve this issue.

Because the data in the HDD is encrypted and cannot be accessed.

do whatever Just get the data on the HDD back.

Iam joining the club of bricked WD DL4100 :sweat_smile: I was using it only for backup, but when the last weekly backup returned faulty, I have realized that this 4 year old expensive WD-BS is not worth.