DL4100 consistently locks up and requires hard power down to clear

My DL4100 consistently locks up, it can be a day or weeks between events, but it WILL happen.

When it locks up, it will respond to a ping, but nothing else, including front display. It requires a hard power down (holding power button until power is shut off). Upon re-powering, it works fine … until the next time it does this. Sometimes the display reads there was a power interruption on port 1 when this occurs. I only have a singly power supply (on port 1), however, it is on a UPS. The UPS appears to be working fine; it has a comm connection to the DL4100 which works. I rarely have any loss of utility and if so it is usually a blip. The UPS never comes close to running down. Almost nothing else is on it.

This has been happening for almost as long as I have had this. Sometime it goes longer than others between locking up. The latest firmware is running. The unit is on auto firmware update.

Any suggestions?

I’ve read your problem report carefully (I don’t work for WD). Here are points I’ve noted.

  • Random lockups, but only responds to pings.
  • Only one PSU connected to port 1.

I am wondering if there may be a fault developing with the DL4100’s PSU and a fluctuation on power provided to the DL4100 is causing a full or partial malfunction. The UPS is before the DL4100’s PSU so when the issue occurs, as far as the UPS is concerned there is nothing wrong with utility power.

Maybe consider trying a replacement PSU?

The one pictured should work as a replacement. I’m not stating that this will fix the issue. Just that it could be the PSU supplied with the DL4100 could be intermittently faulting.

I had the same issue for a while at one time. I was using iSCSI volumes. Since I still had unallocated space available I created a new iSCSI volume and moved the data over, then deleted the old iSCSI volume. Not a hang up once since then.