WD DL4100 randomly locking up will not ping, LCD will not work, lights all solid blue, network card showing activity

I recently adjusted network settings in my DL4100 such an enabling Jumbo frames. Up to this point it has been a rock and I have had zero problems.

Now it is intermittently locking up after x time (it is less than 12 hours but more than a few minutes when it happens) It will not ping, the LCD will not respond all lights are solid blue, network card shows random flashing.

It originally was set for Active Backup under network settings however I played around with the different settings, and had assigned a Static IP to the second network card (I suspect this is where the trouble may have began. It never had an address assignment before and now I cannot delete it, my choices are DHCP or Static. unless I put it back to active backup which then hides the network card settings for NIC2 but not NIC1

I also noticed that it said under the general settings “Cloud access activating” it appeared it was stuck so I toggled it on and off.

I put all the settings back to the way they were but whenever I am on the network page settings it does not display properly the first time I view the page, buttons are missing as are the labels for some of them. My most recent attempt is I changed active backup and the other options under it to OFF.

So here is my question does sticking a paper clip in the back and doing a reset just reset the settings of the DL4100 back to default (IP, enabled apps etc) or does it also wipe all the data on the drives including the Plex data? I cannot afford to lose the data as I was using this for my file storage and Time Machine Backups.