Disk not readable (MacBook Pro)

So I purchased the WD My Passport Air for Mac about 8 months ago. I was able to install the drive just fine and backed up all of my photos, music, and some other important docs. I unmounted and remounted the disk to make sure everything saved, and all the files popped up just fine.

I typically save all other docs (resume, school stuff, etc.) on multiple flash drives and through dropbox, so I haven’t plugged my drive in since first uploading everything onto it. I was having some issues with my Mac and had to wipe a bunch of stuff off of the hard drive, including music and photos, but wasn’t worried about it since I had everything backed up on the Passport Air. Well, I went to plug it in and a message comes up that says that the disk isn’t readable.

I checked in the Disk Utility and it shows up, but all options are greyed out. It says the disk is un-mountable. I have the WD Disk Utility software installed on my Mac as well, ran the diagnostics and everything came back just fine…but it is still unreadable! I never installed any security on the disk (password, etc.) so I don’t think that is the issue. Any advice on how to get my music and photos back?? Those are the only things that I don’t have saved anywhere else :confused: Thanks!!

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Have you tried changing the USB cable and other Mac computers? Is the hard drive not displayed at all on Disk Utility? If it is, is the store volume allowing you to run First Aid? The actual hardware/disk display will not allow you to click on it.