Disconnect the power outlet for storm

Hi, I’m new to the forum, I wanted some advice for how to behave because of my wd my cloud 2T.
Staying away from home for two days I decided to unplug the power plug to My cloud and disconnect from the Internet, for fear of surges and storms. I wondered if an operation is right or not, as some friends had advised me to keep connected the My Cloud. I 'an operation right what I’ve done or is there an alternative, I have to give a **bleep** of surges and storms and leave it always connected ??
Thank you very much in advance for those who answer me.



Salve, sono nuovo del forum, volevo un consiglio per come comportarmi per via del mio wd my cloud 2T.

Stando via da casa per 2 giorni ho deciso di scollegare la presa di corrente al My cloud e scollegarlo da internet, per paura di sbalzi di corrente e temporali. Mi domandavo se è una operazione giusta oppure no, visto che alcuni amici mi avevano consigliato di tenere sempre collegato il My cloud. E' una operazione giusta quello che ho eseguito oppure esiste una alternativa, HO devo fregarmene degli sbalzi di corrente e temporali e lasciarlo sempre collegato??

Grazie Mille in anticipo per chi mi risponde.




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If you want to turn it off when you are away, do not simply unplug the power. Use the Dashboard to do a controlled shutdown, then unplug power and Ethernet.

See the User Manual for details:


Or you could buy a surge protection power adaptor.

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cpt_paranoia wrote:

If you want to turn it off when you are away, do not simply unplug the power. Use the Dashboard to do a controlled shutdown, then unplug power and Ethernet.


I will second this statement. Don’t simply unplug the power to the WD My Cloud without instructing the unit to go through a shut down procedure. I turn mine off from time to time and was having trouble with certain files (always video files for some reason). These troubles went away when I started to use the shut down option that one can trigger through the Dashboard. What I do is issue the shut down option through SSH. I currently use an app on my Android smartphone ( SSH Button) to send the SSH command. See the following WD Support document for more information on SSH: How to enable SSH (Secure Shell) on a My Cloud

The SSH command to issue a shutdown is “/sbin/shutdown -h -P now”

One can create a batch file that will run a command line SSH program like Plink ( see PuTTY) to issue that shutdown command from a Windows PC.

Note that even though the WD My Cloud is shut down the Ethernet port will still indicate a connection if the WD My Cloud is not unplugged (and no the WD My Cloud Ethernet port does not appear to support wake-on-lan). Once shut down either remove power or used a switched power strip (or switched surge protector) to turn off power. Personally I have lots of electronics on switched surge protectors that I turn off when not in use. Putting them all one one or two switched surge protectors makes it easy to turn them all off at once.

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Thank you very much for the advice frequently reported, hope I have not damaged any files having disconnected from the power outlet.

I try to do everything that I wrote to. Thank you

Grazie mille per i consigli rportati,spero di non aver danneggiato nessun file avendolo staccato dalla presa di corrente.

Cerco di eseguire tutto quello che mi ai scritto. Grazie 


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