Direct connection from PC Ethernet to WDTV Live Hub Help Please

I have a PC connected via Wifi to my Access point. Wireless N. Internet is supplied through this WiFi connection.

This PC also has a LAN Ethernet Port.

I have tried to Bridge the Wireless with LAN, and send the LAN output to WDTV. That did not work.

I have tried ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) That is also not seem to be working.

I want the PC to supply Internet as well as File Sharing to the WDTV through its LAN Port. 

I have searched and not able to find help on this.

Can someone please guide me as to how to use the PC function as a router so I can setup the PC-WDTV Network?

Thank you everyone.  

I found this link on this site

I have done the bridge setup. Also the settings on both the Bridge Connection on PC and the WDTV Live Hub are matching.

Still when I go to check connection, I see IP Adresss - CHECK, DNS - X and Internet Connection - X

What now? 

Ok. Before anyone Posts. 

This is what I had to do.

Windows 7 

WiFi + LAN Ethernet Connection in bridge mode

Get WDTV to do an Automatic Network Setup

Change IP address range, last digits to something else closely matching the Bridge IP

Then check Connection again.

I hope this helps anyone who has a PC on a seperate Network connected to their Router wirelessly and cannot run cable to their PC. The WDTV can be connected directly.  

So far, Internet Access is working. But cannot get the two to share files. Does not see Windows Shares. Set the Workgroup to the Same workgroup on both WDTV Live Hub and PC. 

Everything except file sharing is working.