WDTV Live, connection to PC setup


I’m thinking of getting WDTV Live, but I want to make sure that it works the way I want to set it up.

Note: I have pc running windows7 which is connected to the interenet via wireless.

  1. Can I connect the WDTV directly to the PC via ethernet cable? What sort of cable do I need (standard or crossover?). I want to be able to play media files in my pc via WDTV Live.
  2. By getting step 1 working (assuming it can be done), can I access internet through my WDTV Live? (The pc is already connected to internet). Is bridge connection required?

Thanks in advance.

  1.  You’d use a crossover cable.

  2.  Yes, it’s possible.   I think the term is called “Internet Connection Sharing” or, if wireless, “Bridge mode.”