Differential backup from Mycloud to external HDD

I would like to use MyCloud as primary storage - but of course would then need to back it up.
I have seen that it is possible to do “safepoints” - but as far as I can tell, each safepoint is a complete backup, which could take forever. What I want is to do differential backups onto an external HDD.
Does anyone know if this is possible, and how?

Many thanks!

It should be noted that Safepoint, once it performs the initial backup, will “update” that backup on future runs. That means only new/changed files get backed up via Safepoint. If you haven’t already done so read the embedded My Cloud Dashboard help: Home > Managing Your Personal Cloud > Safepoints. Or see the My Cloud User Manual (http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/?id=439&type=25), Chapter 10 Managing Safepoints for more information.

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That’s great - many thanks indeed!