Backing up MyCloud to external drive

I find simple instructions to back up computers TO my MyCloud drive but I would like to back up my MyCloud drive to an external portable drive, such as a Passport. Is there a simple way to do this or some backup software I would need?

Have you read the My Cloud User Manual ( In particular Chapter 10? Or read the My Cloud Dashboard Help? Both give general instructions on how to configure the My Cloud to backup to a USB drive attached to the My Cloud USB port. In the first gen v4.x My Cloud Dashboard its called Safepoint. In the second gen v2.x My Cloud Dashboard its called Backup.

connect a USB hd at least as big as your mycloud. Then in dashboard chose the option to create a safepoint. this point will create a total backup of the total mycloud. you can set it to autoupdate e.g once a week.