DIfferent method of transferring files/folders from LR

Howdy folks, I’m new to the community. I tried finding an answer to this elsewhere in the forums but could not find an answer:
Can I use an External HD on the backside of my MyCloud Mirror and use the Dashboard to tell it to pull files off of the external drive on to the MCM?
The reason I ask: I am trying to move yearly folders from Lightroom (I have 2 -2016 and 2017 year folders). I started YESTERDAY morning and it is still not done transferring the 2016 year yet. It has been going for well over 24 hours now…so far.
I thought maybe putting them onto an external HD first and then having the MCM pull them by connecting it to the back side might work? Or no?
Thanks in advance if this has been addressed already.

Yes, use the web file viewer app in the dashboard to do it.

Alternatively if you’re comfortable with it, enable SSH, connect that way and do the transfer at the command line.

Doing it via a pc means the files to via that computer which will be slow. Using either the app or SSH is faster as it’s direct between the USB connected drive and the MCM itself.

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Thanks, Darren.
I have to admit that I would not be comfortable with enabling SSH since I readily admit that it would be over my head. I’ll try the dashboard method.
Thanks again!