Can't transfer entire External Drive to My Cloud Mirror

I feel like this should be a really simple task. I am NOT a super technological person, but all I’m wanting to do is transfer all the folders/files from my 1 TB external hard drive to my 8 TB My Cloud Mirror. 

I’ve done some poking around the internet searching for the solution, but nothing seems to work. I’ve tried using the backup system on the WD My Cloud Mirror web interface, but that failed. Then I attempted to use the WD My Cloud desktop folder application to simply copy or cut and paste onto the Mirror (another solution I read would work in a forum), but it doesn’t allow me to transfer the entire drive or even entire folders all at once. It appears it will allow me to only do a FILE at a time. I have thousands of pictures, videos, etc to transfer and need them to stay organized in the folders they’re in or its pretty much worthless and I can’t sit on my computer for hours manually transfering the files.

I currently have the external drive hooked up directly to the Mirror (as recommended in a forum). I fully expect the transfer to take a couple days. I’m not comfortable using SSH to void the warrenty or getting too technical…so what is my solution?!

Detailed step by step instructions would be SUPER helpful. Thanks in advance!!


Not sure why is not allowing you to copy the files manually.

Have you tried resetting the drive and trying that again?