Did the Oct 4 firmware update do this?

first, I’m using a desktop PC connected through a wired connection to an ASUS router. My MyCloud 4TB unit is also using a wired connection to the router. I’m running Windows 10. I just noticed recently (few days ago) that windows file explorer stopped displaying my MyCloud device on the left side ‘quick access’ list. I used to use this often to navigate the MANY folders I have on the mycloud unit. I do have two specific folders mapped as network drives and they still appear and can easily be accessed. I’d rather NOT have to map all my directories as network drives to have quicker access… but, I am confused as to why the mycloud unit doesn’t appear anymore. This problem seems to have started after the most recent firmware update on october 4th. Firmware : WDMyCloud v04.05.00-342 : Core F/W. Is that the culprit? Is anyone else having any problems? I still have round-about access to the drive but, the only way I can see the general folders on the drive is by typing in “\veston-mycloud” up top…

It’s gone on for far longer than that unfortunately.

Microsoft are changing how Windows deals with networking, and part of that is changing how such network browsing works (amongst other things like removing homegroup and default SMB1 support). It means in practice that the network tab you mention has become next to useless unless the device you’re working on happens to be the network master browser.

There are some ways to get it back on a single machine on the network by forcing that one to be the master browser, but generally speaking the functionality is gone and you need to get used to either mapping drives or using the \\machine-name option to seek things.

@erikveston Try this and see if this solves your problem.

WD Support also has an article that deals with the SMB1 issue.

How to Enable SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support on Windows 10

Just remember that enabling SMB1 potentially opens up a whole nasty can of worms concerning security issues. That being why SMB1 has been disabled in the first place. For more details, do a search for “Wannacry” in your engine of choice.

sooo… enabling the SMB1 thing did get it back to how it was working (the way i prefer). I also was able to create a shortcut on desktop that opens file explorer and already has the cloud drive showing under the ‘network’ part of the left side quick access column… weird that I was/am restricted from making that desktop shortcut into a quicklaunch (pinned to taskbar). thats where I currently keep/have my “file explorer” button… anyway, the new shortcut on the desktop will suffice if the threat/risk of this smb1 thing is as bad as stated.

its just weird to me because this problem of not automatically displaying the mycloud drive (file tree) under the network tree in explorer WAS working up till a few days ago… maybe a week ago max. i had no idea why it stopped until i saw that my mycloud drive had a firmware update on the 4th… thats literally the only thing that change to my knowledge… unless windows did an update or my router did an update that im unaware of(?).

also, for further clarification… file explorer does see the mycloud drive… it just doesnt show me ALL folders on the drive like it would everything on C: drive. also, its just that drop down file tree on the left side of screen that wanted to see. store so many photos and scan sooo much info from receipts and invoices that it make navigating the many, many folders manageable.