Devicename not found

I do have a WDC MycloudEX2Ultra in my home LAN.
The NAS is working fine.
I can work with the NAS from my Win7-laptop or I can use my Win10-laptop.
I find the NAS in the DHCP ip-table of my router
and I configured the DHCP for a static IP address for my NAS.
I can ping the NAS from my laptops.
And I can do drive mappings on my laptops with my NAS,
For example
net use X: \192.168.1.nnn\share\ /user:username password
works fine.

OK, so what is the problem ?
The problem is that the NAS device name is not seen on my network.
On the NAS, the devicename is “MycloudEX2Ultra”
but that name

  • is not found in windows exlorer on my laptops.
  • is not found in the computertab of my laptop.
  • drive mapping:
    net use X: \MycloudEX2Ultra\share\ /user:username password
    is NOT working.
  • Running tool WDAccess on my laptops is not finding the NAS.

On my laptops, in the TCP/IP-stack Netbios is enabled.

So what should be configured differently to enable the NAS-devicename to be advertised ?

Hello Little_Bit,

After mapping the My Cloud EX2 Ultra, mapped device is shown with the name of the shares that are mapped such as Public, Tony_PC (name of the share) etc.

You can try with the latest updated version of WD Access from the WD’s Support link in this concern. You may follow below link to map the My Cloud using WD Access.

Thanks for the reply