Device not found by installer however it can be seen in Windows

Hi all,

I have a problem with My Cloud EX2 which I bought few days ago. It works perfectly with one of my computers but on the other one (in the same network of course) the device still cannot be found when I try to run the installation via Both computers run W7 Pro, one of them (the “working one”) 64 bit version, the other one 32 bit. Even on the “non-working” computer I can see the device among network devices in all Windows tools, however the installation tool is still unable to detect it. Can anybody help me?


Have you tried resetting the devices? If not, please try that.

Also, what firmware are you running on the devices?

Hi @Pavel_Suchmann

you don’t need to run the setup again on another computer. Once the My Cloud is setup, then the My Cloud will not work on another computer as the device is yet setup and configured. Simply access the My Cloud as NAS from within your network envorinment or log into its web interface by right-clicking the icon in the network environment and “Open web interface” for the adminstrative interface or “open” for accessing the shares.

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Thank you! Now it runs correctly.

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