Device was disconnected


sometimes when i watch a video file with the streaming option inside the WD EX4100, it stops abrupt, with the message that the device was disconnected. I watch the files on a Samsung TV.

When i use plex, this doesn’t happen, but plex don’t play any video files, it’s just loading and loading.

Newest firmware is installed.

Any ideas?


If your streaming path consists of any wireless devices, that could be the problem.  If all hardware is wired this should nt happen

No wireless setup, everything wired.

Hmm, interesting; no wireless streaming, and still problem.

    the streaming option inside the WD EX4100

WHAT does this mean?  When I stream, I use an app on mobile device, or from WDTV, or PC.  I don’t know what you mean by “inside the WD EX4100”.

When i press the source button on my remote control from the TV, i select WD My Cloud EX4100 (in the front is the WD logo).

I also can select WD My Cloud EX4100 with the Plex logo at the front, so that is plays via Plex, but here not all files are playable.

My thought was, that maybe when you turn on the Disk Drive Stand-By in the Energy saving option, after a while this cuts the connection.

But this should be weird, since when a video files is running, there should be some activity on the disk drive

Ps.: DLNA Streaming is turned on.

Here I posted my solution Video streaming stops after 20 -30 minutes