My cloud 4tb horrible lag and stutter

Brand new my cloud 4tb. Won’t stream and if it does it’s pure garbage. However, PLEX does this perfectly… I’ve made my ip static and turned off the energy savers. Please help. Really don’t want to return it.


Have you tried a reset and/or power cycle? Do you have the latest firmware on it?

Much different than PLEX. Have you been streaming fine from other devices, or is this the first time doing so from NAS or drive? What are you streaming to; a wireless or wired device?

Wired it plays find to my ps4. Multiple videos are saying they can’t play, same format will play or won’t play. Very random. (Cell phone videos).

It won’t stream over wifi or 4g.

Everything is updated, if I try to access my cloud from either phone (android or iphone) it stops working and have to unplug it from the power to restart.

Also, this website ■■■■■ on a mobile browser…

Doesn’t sound like an issue with the EX4.

Are you comparing apples to apples? What bitrate do you have PLEX streaming at? What bitrate is the EX4 set at?

What are you using now to stream your media? The included twonkey?

EX4 is not the fastest NAS by a long shot, but it doesn’t have any issue streaming bluray quality to multiple clients at once.

I am having the same issue with my EX4 and I can tell you that it is the EX4 at fault. I have a plex server running and a WD TV Live hooked up to my TV, everything is wired NO WIRELESS at all. I can not stream movies from the EX4, it lags and stutters way too much. I wasn’t sure what was causing the issue, but I’ve been able to conclude the EX4 is the culprit.

I took an old WD passport that I have and put some movies on it (the same movies that were stuttering). I plugged the passport into my router and I was able to watch them on my tv via my plex server and the WD TV live with no issues. I can therefore tell you without a doubt that the EX4 is the cause of my problems and probably yours as well.

Can you do a similar test as mine? See if you can put a movie on an external drive or something. All things should remain the same; the only thing being removed from the equation should be the EX4. If you are able to stream the movie then you know the issue is the EX4.

The solution was?

I use Plex on my PC. I don’t know why or how but it streams everything perfectly. If I use the wdmycloud app to try to do the same, everything is unwatchable