Media Streaming is interrupted and EX2 loses connection to DLNA device

My current setup is a Cloud EX2 wired into a Netgear N600 Dual-bank Gigabit Router (DGND3700) and a Samsung Smart TV (Samsung UE40D5520) and Blu-ray player (Samsung HT-C6730)

I playback media through the blu-ray player or the TV and can easily select the NAS drive and media folders within. Playback starts fine but at random times (20 mins in, 42 mins etc…) the playback ceases and i’m issued
with a “CloudEX2 disconnected”. However, the drive is still there when i go to “select device” from the source menu.

I’ve tried the following so far, but no success:

  1. Set all devices to Static IP addresses
  2. Turned off “Restart on NIC changes” in Twonky
  3. Turned off Energy Saving and Drive Sleep options on the EX2

Please help, this is one of the primary reasons i purchased the product and it’s making it unusable. I am now stuck with a £300+ NAS drive which is pretty useless. It’s not asking much for two DLNA devices to keep a connection to each other, surely… how can this be so unstable.

Try to disable all other features which are not used. For example iTunes or Cloud Access.
Any other apps installed?

Hi, did you resolve this issue? I’m having a similar problem with mine

Still having this issues. it’s very pathetic.

I changed to stream from the NAS through the TV rather than the Blu-ray. That seems to have been much more stable. It only occurs now perhaps once a month…usually if I pause a playback for more than about 20 mins. I’m having to live with it.

Here is the solution that helped to me Video streaming stops after 20 -30 minutes